Application Engineer (Robotics)

Job Description:

Job contents  will involve working on Digital Manufacturing(DM) Software in the areas of Factory Floor/ Manufacturing  Simulation, Robotic and Non-Robotic Work cell simulation, and studies. Incumbent will be required to understand customer requirements, build Simulation Models and scenarios, perform what-if and other bottleneck studies. Job will also involve some amount of developing logics using programming. Exposure to high level computer languages like C, .Net, C#, Java, C++, Simple ++ etc will be advantageous. Incumbent will be required to closely interact with customers through personal meetings, telephone, emails and other digital means. Willingness to travel in India for short durations is a must.

EDUCATION & Work Experience:

A Diploma or Degree in Mechanical/Mechatronics ( or related) Engineering with Masters preferably in Robotics or related Engineering from reputed college.

1-3 years of experience in a robotic or/and automation supplier with a good understanding of manufacturing shop floor activities, machines, process and material handling systems. Those who have undergone rotational training in various departments will have an advantage.


  • Good understanding of Robotics
  • Knowledge on Machines and material handling equipment with applicable  Kinematics & Dynamics
  • Knowledge on robotic simulation solutions
  • Experience in Online robotic programming
  • Exposure to PLC programming
  • Knowledge on various industrial communication networks
  • Must have good analytical skills.
  • Must have excellent communication skills (verbal and written) and multi-tasking skills
  • Ability to make technical presentations
  • Ability to work independently


  • Experience in Plant / Assembly line layout design and improvements
  • Knowledge of using any digital Manufacturing software such as Plant Simulate, Process Simulate, Delmia  or any robot specific solution.
  • Experience in any CAD/CAM Software
  • Exposure to use of object oriented Programming languages will be advantageous

 Position requires high-energy professional with good judgment, strong communication & analytical capabilities.