Is an enterprise level role based project management solution that helps Organizations collaborate and communicate between projects. These projects can be executed from different offices located across geographies/time zones there by providing project visibility on a real time basis from any where at any time.

CAMeLEAN Java-based platform provides enhanced integration capabilities allowing the organizations with the flexibility and power needed to combine and access information seamlessly. CAMeLEAN PM provides a user friendly environment and a powerful interactive portal for creating, planning, executing, monitoring and analyzing the project management operations; thereby, fulfilling an ever growing need to deploy best practices and track current best-so-far revision information.

The Benefits

  • Single source for all the project related information
  • Faster scheduling of programs/ projects
  • Faster issue resolution
  • Easy Deliverable management
  • Analysis and Reports for Decision Support
  • Enable collaboration among the project eco system
  • Standardized project execution methodologies