• Automotive

    Automotive & Transportation

    Speed dictates the Automotive & Transportation industry of today! With the launch of faster, cheaper and more innovative vehicles worldwide industries are facing increasingly difficult tasks of faster product launches as well as high standards in quality & safety in their products.

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  • Aerospace & Defense

    Aerospace & Defense

    Aerospace & Defense industry is undergoing massive changes today as there is immense pressure to roll out products faster, along with more focus on environmental factors. The recent years have witnessed significant changes in aerospace design, development and production globally.

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  • Industrial Machinery

    Industrial Machinery & Heavy engineering

    The global market scenario has made it imperative for companies in the heavy engineering equipment manufacturing space to introduce greater degrees of reliability and precision in the products manufactured. The ever increasing product variants add to the challenges …

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  • Energy


    Innovation in both traditional and renewable energy sources must be implemented to meet the global demand for energy which is expected to double in the next few years. The rise in energy demand has caused more and more companies in the energy sector to adopt new technologies, be it Oil & Gas, Alternate Energy or Power.

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  • Shipbuilding


    Technology services for all major entities in the Maritime industry have transformed it in a major way. Today there is a need to develop environment friendly ships with more stress on safety and reliability and also to lower cost of operations which has given a new dimension …

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  • Consumers Packaged Goods

    Consumers Packaged Goods

    The advent of digital technologies in the fast moving consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has caused major changes in their functioning. The companies need to meet the challenges which have come from retailers and consumers of their products.

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  • Academia


    As the industries face challenges in capacity, competitiveness, infrastructure etc, one of the major challenges is lack of availability of skilled resources. More and more industries nowadays look for resources that are industry ready and Academic institutes can help address these challenges by introducing new technology solutions to the students and give them hands on experience…

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