As the industries face challenges in capacity, competitiveness, infrastructure etc, one of the major challenges is lack of availability of skilled resources. More and more industries nowadays look for resources that are industry ready and Academic institutes can help address these challenges by introducing new technology solutions to the students and give them hands on experience.

Academic institutes have always played and are still continuing to play a major back bone role for industries by providing quality resources to overcome the challenges faced by Industries.


We with our educational packages in Concept Design & Development, Design & Analysis, Digital Manufacturing, Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Data Management (PDM) & Project Management (PM) help Academic institutes provide latest technology solutions training to their students. Colleges benefit by getting their students placed as they are trained on solutions that are the need of the industries.

We are strategic business partners of leading OEMs whose solutions are changing the way industries operate helping them to achieves project, business goals.

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