Consumer Packaged Goods

The advent of digital technologies in the fast moving consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has caused major changes in their functioning. The companies need to meet the challenges which have come from retailers and consumers of their products.

Innovation is to be the core when introducing new products, new markets and also drive the existing brands. All these bring challenges like managing the product development, supply chain and also packaging.
Consumers nowadays expect more from the brands and are no longer brand loyal. The demand for more sustainable products is also on the rise and retailers bring in the pressure of introducing new products to increase their brand impact.

To address all these challenges CPG companies have to accept and innovate their processes without much affecting their operating efficiency while innovating, and not compromising on the quality of new product releases. All these involve a holistic approach in product development, packaging, labelling etc. and companies need to ensure that these are achieved without much affecting the margins.


Our solutions in Design & Analysis, Factory Design & Factory Optimization , Quality Management & Compliance help sustainable Product Development, whereas our Enterprise Solutions aid in Product Data Management , Product Lifecycle Management , Computerized Asset & Maintenance Management . Further our new technology solutions have enabled business processes to become more efficient within manufacturing, logistics, and marketing.