Technology services for all major entities in the Maritime industry have transformed it in a major way. Today there is a need to develop environment friendly ships with more stress on safety and reliability and also to lower cost of operations which has given a new dimension to the approach to:

  • Ship building
  • Building and managing offshore amenities
  • Optimizing shipyards & operations
  • Overhaul operations


Our technology solutions implemented into Design & Analysis , Digital Manufacturing & Simulation Solutions help in activities of Digital Ship building, Building & Optimizing Shipyards and its supply chain operations. These solutions have improved Ship Design, Total Enterprise Collaboration, Synchronization and Productivity, as well as Lifecycle ship service and support, by optimizing shipbuilding processes. They help to reduce costs and eliminate unwanted surprises as the whole operation can be digitally designed and validated before the physical implementation.

Our Enterprise solutions in Product Data Management , Project Management , Product Lifecycle Management , Computerized Maintenance Management System help in achieving a collaborative way of complete product development. We adopt a holistic approach in managing product data and also in managing simple to complex project life cycle management, overhaul and dockyard operations.