Consulting Services


Surviving in today’s world puts in a constant pressure on companies to be always at the competitive edge. This coupled with the need to reduce operational expenses always makes companies to seek out strategic consultancy partners who understand their modus operandi and partner in the company’s growth with on time consulting. Our consulting team provides business and strategy solutions, training and outsourcing services to address business challenges.

Talent, entrepreneurship, and a very positive attitude of our seasoned team of domain and software experts allow us to offer customized solutions to every client. Our team gives the   right guidance to choose the right solution, be it an enterprise solution, digital manufacturing systems or any other challenge. Ranal Software works with clients across industries implementing the best solutions and brings together experience, recognized market best practices, and the tools to address the needs of each client.

Our business model combines world-class delivery with superior commitment to address our clients´ needs. Ranal Software ensures that the customer takes the most advantage of these solutions by way of our extended services into hand holding, training and staffing. In fact we help companies become more efficient and increase profits and also help them to grow and stay ahead of the competition.

Our consulting services features:

  • Identifying the needs and bridging the gaps
  • Defining the action plan
  • Solutions consulting
  • Implementation Support
  • Knowledge transfer


Consulting in Digital Manufacturing

Bridging the gap between Virtual and Real world!

Automation has literally transformed the world of today! As a vital link between ‘As designed’ to ‘As-Built’ more and more industries are now turning for Digital Manufacturing for accelerating their production processes. Simulation has transformed how automation is engineered, designed and deployed into a manufacturing operation gearing up industries to drive results in productivity and empowering them to be a cut above the rest.

Our Digital Manufacturing team comprises of both domain experts and software experts and can help you with your simulation requirements be it related to Robotic Simulation, Ergonomic Simulation, and Plant Layout/Material Flow Simulation.

We can provide you support in Solution definition, Training, Hand holding, Staffing or Technical support.

Simulation Portfolios

Robotic simulation

Robotic Simulation helps validate operations and processes prior to making major investments in capital equipment. Robotic Simulation helps digitally simulate robotic applications where we can design, develop and validate test elements of the design offline. Fine tuning design and evaluating equipment placement in a virtual 3D world help reduce integration and installation time and costs.

What all can be done using a Robotic Simulation

  • Spot weldingv MIG welding
  • Sealant application
  • Material Handling
  • Riveting
  • Nut welding
  • Reach-study


  • Weld-gun and Tools validation
  • Path-planning
  • Collision check
  • Layout finalization
  • Cycle-time study
  • OLP & download.


Discrete Event Simulation

Discrete Event Simulation is a modeling technique utilized to improve output by identifying hidden bottlenecks in complete production lines or facilities with hundreds of interconnected processes. Key events and processes that are expected to occur in a system are identified and this helps to predict the performance and behavior of the system over a period of time.

The end results are used to refine the process to ensure maximum efficiency possible.

What all we can do in Discrete Event Simulation

  • Throughput analysis
  • Bottle-neck identification
  • What-if analysis
  • Line balancing
  • Resource scheduling


  • Work-in-progress level analysis
  • Flow-time analysis
  • Manpower & Machine Utilization study
  • Process validation & optimization.


Factory Layout / Material Flow Simulation

In modern manufacturing facilities, production efficiency depends on optimum placement of various machines, flow paths, storage facilities, and employee amenities. Smooth and rapid movement of material, from the raw material stage to the end product stage can be ensured by a systematically designed plant. Material handling equipment of world class standards are used to complement an efficient layout to drive the overall efficiency.

Improper material flow paths can result in production idle time & production bottlenecks due to improper facility layout and planning. The inability to scale up operations due to poorly designed infrastructure and material flow patterns can also lead to reduced employee morale. The non availability of adequate amenities across the facility is also holding down operations in many plants.

Ranal Software helps you overcome all these difficulties with Factory Layout/Material Flow Simulation techniques.

We have expertise in:

  • 3D Factory design and visualization
  • Planning of utility lines like compressed air, water, power supply and material handling conveyors,
  • Transportation
  • Material Flow Optimization
  • Factory layout & logistics analysis
  • ASRS systems and pallets & binning study.

Ergonomic simulation

Optimizing the human elements in the manufacturing process leads to efficiencies of the operation and for safety of the operators. Ergonomic Simulation is done specifically for simulating human operations and tasks in a virtual 3D world. This technique provides the analysis necessary to identify ergonomic and safety issues, to validate process quality/performance and safe operations to test for alternate solutions and various anthropometric models for reach and strength study

  • Eye-view windows and visibility analysis
  • Validate the designs for a wide variety of human factors, including injury risk, timing, user comfort, Reachability, lines-of-sight, energy expenditure, fatigue limits and other important parameters.


Re-tooling for new variants

The constant changes in the industry are posing many new challenges to OEMs and suppliers as the production lines need to change accordingly. This calls for additional costs in production. Along with the introduction of new products on Greenfield projects, the current production scenario also poses challenges like re-tooling of an existing line for a completely new product or introduction of additional models on existing lines. These challenges are further complicated if the existing production line cannot be stopped for long and spared for introduction of new model.

Ranal Software rises to these challenges and puts into use various simulation portfolios of Digital Manufacturing suite which becomes almost mandatory to validate layouts, Fixtures and Tooling, confirm Cycle-time and even download Robot programs. This also minimizes the installation time & efforts.

Team – Digital Manufacturing

The Ranal team of techno-savvy professionals has deep expertise in Digital Manufacturing. Our senior team members have an average experience of around 25+ years in Manufacturing domain and a strong track record in planning and managing entire programs of works from design and development to final implementation. They bring home a rich cache of best practices followed in top companies in India and abroad.

The software experts have got hands on exposure on all the technologies in the digital manufacturing space.

Enterprise Solutions Consulting

With close to three decades of experience in application development, support both onsite and offshore, our team helps you choose the right solution. Our enterprise solutions consulting are mainly into

  1. Project Management
  2. Enterprise Asset & Maintenance Management
  3. Product Lifecycle Management
  4. Human Resource Management

Our team comprises of experience of handling right from understanding your requirement till implementation and post sale support.

Our enterprise solutions team helps you in

  1. Solution definition
  2. Implementation
  3. Training
  4. Hand holding
  5. technical support



  • Ranal has very experienced work-force in the area of Enterprise Solution & Digital Manufacturing
  • The average experience of senior team members is around 25+ years.
  • Team comprising of domain & software experts.
  • Rich cache of knowledge pool & Best practices.
  • Ranal has executed close to a Million hours of projects.
  • Clients range from Europe, Americas and Asia-Pacific regions.