Plant Simulation

Discrete Event Simulation using Plant simulation

Plant Simulation from Siemens PLM is a 3D modeling and Discrete-Event Simulation software that helps to create Digital Models of logistic systems to optimize Material Flow, Resource Utilization and Supply Chain. Powerful analysis tools in Plant Simulation, such as Bottleneck Analysis, Statistics and Charts helps to evaluate different manufacturing scenarios.

Plant Simulation helps to

  • Detect and eliminate problems that otherwise would require cost- and time-consuming corrective measures during production ramp up
  • Minimize the investment cost of production lines without jeopardizing required output
  • Optimize the performance and energy usage of existing production systems by taking measures that have been verified in a simulation environment prior to implementation


The Benefits

  • Improved productivity of existing facilities
  • Reduced investment in planning of new facilities
  • Reduced inventory and throughput time
  • Optimized system dimensions, including buffer sizes
  • Lowered investment risks through early proof of concept
  • Maximized use of manufacturing resources

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