Process Simulate

Process Simulate

Process Simulate From Siemens PLM is a digital manufacturing solution for manufacturing process verification in a 3D environment. Process Simulate allows manufacturing organizations to virtually validate manufacturing concepts upfront – throughout the lifecycle of new product introductions. The ability to leverage 3D data of products and resources facilitates virtual validation, optimization and commissioning of complex manufacturing processes, resulting in faster launch and higher production quality.

The Benefits

  • Reduce cost of change with early detection and communication of product design issues
  • Reduce number of physical prototypes with upfront virtual validation
  • Optimize cycle times through simulation
  • Ensure ergonomically safe processes
  • Reduce cost by re-using standard tools and facilities
  • Minimize productions risk by simulating several manufacturing scenarios
  • Early validation of the mechanical and electrical integrated production processes (PLC and robotics)
  • Early validation of production commissioning in a virtual environment
  • Increase process quality by emulating realistic processes throughout the process
  • lifecycle


Process Simulate Spot

Process Simulate Spot Weld enables users to design and validate spot welding processes in a 3D graphics and simulation environment from early planning phase up to detailed engineering stages and offline programming.

Process Simulate Robotics

Process Simulate Robotics enables users to design and simulate highly complex robotics manufacturing zones. Synchronizing multi-robot zones – a highly complicated task – is simplified with Process Simulate tools such as cyclic event evaluator and emulated specific robot controller. The robotics simulation tools provide the capability of designing a collision-free path for all the robots and optimize their cycle times .

Process Simulate Assembly

Process Simulate Assembly allows users to verify the feasibility of an assembly process. It enables manufacturing engineers to determine the most efficient assembly sequence, catering for collision clearance and identifying the shortest cycle time .

Process Simulate Human

Process Simulate Human allows users to verify the design of a workstation, ensuring the product parts can be reached, assembled and maintained. Process Simulate Human provides powerful capabilities to analyze and optimize the ergonomics of the human operation, thus ensuring an ergonomically safe process according to industry standards. Using the human simulation tools, the user can perform realistic simulation of the human tasks and optimize process cycle times according to industry standard ergonomics libraries.

Process Simulate Commissioning

Process Simulate Commissioning enables users to streamline the existing manufacturing and engineering data from conceptual design down to the shop floor. Using Process Simulate Commissioning, users can simulate real PLC code with the actual hardware using OPC and the actual robot programs, thus enabling the most realistic virtual commissioning environment.


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