Robotic Simulation - Robcad

Robcad the Robotic Simulation Software from Siemens PLM software enables the Design, Simulation, Optimization, Analysis and Off-line programming of multi-device Robotic and Automated Manufacturing Processes in the context of product and production resources.

It provides a concurrent engineering platform to optimize processes and calculate cycle times. With Robcad design life-like, full-action mock-ups of complete manufacturing cells and systems. Robcad enables manufacturers to flawlessly introduce automated processes by allowing manufacturing engineers to virtually validate automation concepts upfront.

The Benefits

  • Increase manufacturing quality, accuracy and profitability
  • Reduce labour hours and process engineering lead time
  • Optimize development and capital investment
  • Enable better use of production equipment
  • Reduce production costs
  • Shorten ramp-up time through validated processes
  • Accelerate time-to-market


Robcad Spot Welding

Robcad Spot addresses the entire spot weld design process, taking into account critical factors such as space constraints, geometric limitations and weld cycle times. It has features such as gun search, automatic robot placement, path cycle-time optimizers and weld-point management tools enable users to create virtual cells, simulations and programs that accurately reflect the physical cell and robot behaviour.

Robcad Arc Welding

Robcad Arc enables the design, simulation, analysis and off-line programming of arc weld processes. It facilitates creation of work cell layouts based on definitions of robot motions, seams, gantries and welding equipment.

Automatic path planning

Robcad generates collision-free robot and part assembly paths by using automatic path planning technology. In a populated environment, the trajectories can be found easily and automatically, helping to increase planning productivity

Robcad Paint

Robcad Paint provides software tools that address the entire spraying process: designing the robot path, verifying access to all areas, determining coverage parameters and thickness, creating and adjusting process triggers, simulating and downloading the optimized program to the shop floor

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