OptiMaint is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that allows the global management of Maintenance activities of an organization. OptiMaint is designed based on the feedbacks of the maintenance managers to meet existing needs for an organization of any size be it small, medium or big. It allows maintenance to be planned on Equipments, Assets and Properties. It enables an increased availability of the assets to make the business more efficient, productive and competitive.


Developed by Apisoft International, France we are exclusive master distributors of OptiMaint in India.

Established in the year 1995 Apisoft International has a client base of over 900 spread across various industry sectors. The company comprises of experts whose in depth understanding of the requirements in Maintenance space have been the guiding force behind OptiMaint. Developed keeping multiple industries in mind, OptiMaint is used by industries in Aerospace, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitals etc.

The Benefits

  • Increase the Reliability and the availability of assets in order to make business more efficient, productive and┬ácompetitive.
  • Increase the efficiency of curative maintenance
  • Develop and organize preventive maintenance
  • Manage purchases and stocks
  • Eliminate Overstocking /Dead Stock or Short stock scenarios
  • Record works and activities for future analyses and studies
  • Implement procedures (ISO etc.)
  • Reports & Analysis for Decision Support


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